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Inspired by hyperrealists like Ron Mueck and surrealists like Magritte, every care has been taken to mimic the attributes of biscuits. If you like, it's a playful comment on society's fetish with food. Or a really cool cushion.

All biscuits are made by me from knitted lambswool.


Knitted Bourbon cushion

Trying to separate the layers to enjoy in stages is not recommended.

W:21cm D:45cm H:13cm

75.00 GBP


Jam Cream Sandwich
Knitted Jam Cream Sandwich Cushion

A woollen homage to a rarity in tea-time treats. Made from 100% pure wool, stuffed with hollowfibre

W: 37cm D:22 cm, H:37 cm



Pink Wafer
Knitted Pink Wafer Cushion

Some say this biscuit knows no laws, the biscuit of the maverick. Made from 100% pure wool, stuffed with hollowfibre.

W:45cm D:12cm, H:21



Custard Cream
Knitted Custard Cream Cushion

For all your sofa needs! Made from 100% Pure new wool.

W:33cm D:18cm H:25 cm




Chocolate Digestive
Knitted Chocolate Digestive Cushion

Knitted Chocolate Digestive Cushion. Made from 100% Pure New wool

W:45cm, D:8cm, H:45cm








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